Ginkgoselect® overview
Clinical studies

Clinical studies

Ginkgo biloba extract is reputed to be potent in circulatory and other disorders. Because of the interest in its use, a number of clinical trials have been carried out evaluating cognitive functions, such as memory disturbances and dementia, and classical disorders of the circulation such as intermittent claudication.
Within vascular disorders, the Raynaud’s disease is a common and painful condition characterized by episodic digital ischemia produced by emotion and cold. Clinically it manifests as blanching caused by artery vasospasm, cyanosis as the remaining blood becomes deoxygenated, and rubor by the reactive hypercirculation following the ischemia(1).
The treatment of the Raynaud’s disease by vasodilator drugs is notoriously difficult because of the high incidence of side effects; it is a common disease and is estimated to afflict 10-20% of young women(2).
The efficacy of Ginkgoselect® Phytosome® in the treatment of the Raynaud’s disease was verified in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial(3).
It was proven effective in improving vascular disorders and in counteracting the symptmoms of digital ischemia.
This initial study is of interest as it shows a highly statistically significant reduction of the number of attacks of Raynaud’s disease per day due to the improvement of peripheral circulation. A similar mechanism of action may be associated with the congnition enhancing activity of Ginkgoselect® Phytosome®.

Improvement of the vascular disorders associated to the Raynaud’s disease(3)

Ginkgoselect® Phytosome® was administered at a dosage of 360 mg/day (120 mg three times per day) to 22 subjects affected by the Raynaud’s disease in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Patients were required to record the frequency and duration of any vasospastic attack, also completing a scoring scale of the overall perception of the severity of the episodes.
Patients were reviewed after two, four and ten weeks of treatment.
This pilot study showed the efficacy of Ginkgoselect® Phytosome® in promoting a clear and highly statistically significant reduction in the frequency (56%) and severity of Raynaud’s attacks per day.


Improvement of the vascular disorders associated to the Raynaud’s phenomenon(4)

Twelve patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon received 180 mg of Ginkgoselect® Phytosome® daily for 6 days. After a 5 days washout period, they received 120 mg of GBE. Upon microscopic examination of nailbed, the Phytosome® preparation made visible capillary loops just under the skin that were not visible before, thus indicating an appreciable improvement of blood flow in capillary loops.

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